Day 17 of 80 – Je deteste cardio core!

Day 17 of 80

Cardio Core- shortest workout at 29 minutes, thank GOD.

It was over quickly. No offspring casualties today. May have utilized my new earbuds 😏

What I realized today is that you don’t have to like it, but you still have to do it! I despise cardio, but I’m unwilling to let that be an obstacle to kicking ass during this program! I take my commitments seriously, and especially the one to MYSELF!

So I got through Cardio Core and will move on to AAA tomorrow ( my favorite!) This girl loves her some weights!

Day 15 of 80 – and were back to total body core!

Day 15 of 80

Monday’s don’t take me down. But they DO tire me out a little.

You’d think as you go on, the workouts would get easier. They’re NOT. They’re getting HARDER. Because I’m making it so!

I’m upping my weights, trying more things unmodified, and I’m choosing to fail forward.

Getting comfortable is a dangerous thing. It keeps us from progressing. It keeps us from getting what we want!

I got tired of being comfortable last month. Got crazy and decided to commit to an 80 day program. And you’d think I’d be feeling trapped by working out 6 days a week, but instead, I’m feeling pretty damn FREE.

And I don’t want to keep this feeling to MYSELF! I want to share! If anyone reading this needs any help getting motivated, I’m happy to help! If you’re wanting any guidance on how to get started, PM me. I’m here to help, and to share this seriously good vibe.