Day 40 of 80! Halfway there!!!

Day 40! Half way there!

Total Body Core is super tough after a long day. Not gonna lie: I may have lost it during the crab walk things and ended up on my backside. I even almost dropped a 10 lb weight on my OWN HEAD doing skull-crushers! Talk about failure! (As in muscle, not the opposite of success!).

It was hard tonight, after missing last night. But I promised myself I wouldn’t let myself down anymore, after tiny setbacks. And I didn’t. I won’t. I’ll just keep trying. (Sometimes to failure)

Off to finish a Serial Read on my Nook that expires tonight!!

Day 39 of 80 New Pink Shoes!

Day 39 of 80

Worked my booty in my new sparkly rose shoes. I stopped rewarding my hard work with treats and now I buy myself cute shoes and workout clothes.

These are BY FAR, the girliest shoes I’ve ever bought! They have hundreds of rose-colored rhinestones and they make me feel all marshmallow-y inside!

Sometimes it’s the simple things that keep you going. Sometimes you’ll take any motivation you can get to force yourself to work out at 8:30pm on a Monday after taking the kids to two karate classes right after work.

Now to eat.

Day 36 of 80 – Leave Your Fears On The Floor!

Day 36 of 80
SWEAT isn’t sexy.
SWEAT isn’t sweet.

It’s hating a cardio workout and doing it because your body NEEDS.

It’s being so afraid of not being able to do a whole workout and the COMMITMENT to DO IT ANYWAY.

It’s the physical result of pushing past ALL negativity in your head and DOING the HARD things.

Today I sweat for every second of a 39 minute workout that pushed my lungs, core, legs and shoulders to the max. It was literally DRIPPING in my eyes. It dripped ON THE FLOOR.

And at the end, I wanted to cry because it was over and I had survived it. But it is done. Another one on the books and I never have to do that exact one again. But now I know I COULD!

You guys, you can survive hard things. You CAN get on the other side of them and feel the sweet taste of accomplishment. You just have to START.

Let me HELP you do the hard things. Let me encourage you and celebrate all the triumphs, big and small! If you are ready to REALLY TRY, message me. I’m ready to help you. You don’t have to do this alone!