First copay I’ve paid in over a year. Damn flu.

First copay I’ve paid in over a year. Damn flu. Money well-spent, though.

Guys, flu is NO JOKE! I can only take the Tamiflu because I got tested early. I usually avoid doctors until I’m totally miserable but my friend, Judy, took her kids today and they joined the ranks of the rest who are sick in her house. That, and the snowstorm was coming.

So a snow day is a blessing. And a sick friend too.

Going to follow the advice I gave my mom last week:

📌take the Tamiflu
📌Push the vitamin C in huge doses
📌Stay hydrated, switching to coconut water to restore electrolytes, if necessary.
📌Apple cider vinegar concoction for DAYYYSSS
📌absolutely NO CRACKERS (with gluten) or dairy

Oh, and if you’ve had four babies, hold it during those sneezes! 🤪

Sunday’s are for resting and regrouping.

Sunday’s are for resting and regrouping. I’ve let my knees recover and am feeling like I can go back and attempt my week of workouts again.

Focused on good nutrition though, because I didn’t want to blow everything just because I was taking a break from exercise. Did have a yummy piece of gluten free key lime pie my mom made and a yummy gf brownie made by my seester, Emilie. Balance, yo.

Feeling a little sore throat/headache-y thing coming on so I’m FULL ON drinking the apple cider vinegar concoction!

Dinner was amazeballs though, and a joint hubs/wife production. It took almost no effort, although it was super healthy and yummy.

Salad with veggies and a homemade apple cider Dijon vinaigrette, sprinkle of goat cheese. Baked wild caught salmon and some roasted asparagus finished it off!