Sunday’s are for resting and regrouping.

Sunday’s are for resting and regrouping. I’ve let my knees recover and am feeling like I can go back and attempt my week of workouts again.

Focused on good nutrition though, because I didn’t want to blow everything just because I was taking a break from exercise. Did have a yummy piece of gluten free key lime pie my mom made and a yummy gf brownie made by my seester, Emilie. Balance, yo.

Feeling a little sore throat/headache-y thing coming on so I’m FULL ON drinking the apple cider vinegar concoction!

Dinner was amazeballs though, and a joint hubs/wife production. It took almost no effort, although it was super healthy and yummy.

Salad with veggies and a homemade apple cider Dijon vinaigrette, sprinkle of goat cheese. Baked wild caught salmon and some roasted asparagus finished it off!

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