Day 51 of 80 Day Obsession: Cardio Flow

Day 51 of 80 Day Obsession: Cardio Flow

So, I got a little off track with my knees and while I had the flu, but I’m totally back in the game. I promised myself I’d finish this program and I really like keeping my promises.

That said, I struggle too, like all of you. This cardio workout is really my least favorite. Truth be told, I hate it. But I know I can do hard things, so I did it anyway. I talked myself back into it at least 3 TIMES! I even took two FULL MINUTES to make myself continue.

I wanted my body to win over my mind. I wanted my will to overtake my fears and insecurities.

And I tell you what: it happened tonight.

And then my son called me from Basic Training and I had a great night!

Lesson from my experience and from my son tonight:

I can do the hard things. I can even do the hard things when there’s a ton against me, including my traitorous mind!

The rewards are worth it!

P.S. my knees are totally recovered!!