Kombucha or Bust!!!

Kombucha or bust

Kombucha is a THING!
It’s like a natural “soda”! And for those of on a journey to good health, we’ve ALREADY ditched that chemical shit! As goal-driven chick, I’ve been drinking all the waters, tap, filtered, sparkling, seltzers, INSTEAD of soda.
So in walks the BOOCH. And it’s fizzy and a little sweet, and it comes with a ton of benefits. PLUS, it’s NOT 💦!
Plus, it’s almost as easy to find as soda, can be purchased almost anywhere, even at ALDI, where they carry my favorite Asian Pear flavor!
This is what it’s made of:
Made from black or green tea, fruit or herbs and a SCOBY ( Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast)
Yep, I know I lost some of you there, but we NEED some BACTERIA IN OUR LIVES!
And if I want to drink some really good shit, I explore the local areas, finding some awesome breweries. My favorite local brands include HEX Ferments (in Baltimore) and Real Raw Organics Kombucha (in Ocean City)
Now, I KNOW you’re wondering what all those benefits are, so here are the details:
🌱Provides C and B vitamins

🌱Provides antioxidants, polyphenols, acidsand enzymes

🌱Provides beneficial bacteria to populate the gut.

☀️Aids in digestion

☀️Boosts immunity

☀️Increases nutrient absorption in the body

☀️Helps eliminate waste 💩😳

I DARE YOU to try it TODAY and COMMENT with your feedback! Bonus points for posting a pic or video!
Can’t wait to see what you think!
Xoxo, Jenn

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