Hex Ferments – Phoenix Kimchi DELICIOUS!!!

Seriously, such a great way to get your veggies AND populate your gut with good bacteria! Only really takes a tablespoon a day to get the goods, but it TASTES SO GOOD, I eat more.

Getting your gut healthy really just takes some simple changes to your lifestyle. Yes, I said LIFESTYLE, because, if you plan on making REAL changes, you have to make PERMANENT CHANGES. Shortcuts ain’t gonna work!

A few easy changes/ additions to your diet include:

➕fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha (❤️).

➕drinking collagen daily, in your coffee or smoothies.

➕eating fiber-rich veggies and fruits.

➖an abundance of sugar.

➖grains and other inflammatory foods.


➖bullshit FAKE sweeteners, like Splenda (sucralose), aspartame, etc.

I am SO DAMN PASSIONATE about getting your gut healthy because it is PIVOTAL TO YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.

If I ran a 30 day CHALLENGE group that helped you CHANGE the course of your health (and did I mention will help you lose weight) ,would you be interested? DM me for details!

XOXO, Jenn

health assessments I sent out this week

So this morning I’m looking through the responses to the health assessments I sent out this week to my new clients, and found that my son, Tristan, who was my technology tester, had filled one out as well. I was chuckling out loud at some of his answers. By the way, he’s 12 years old.

So when I got to this final answer, I was really cracking up! He’s on vacation with Grandma, and so I had to FaceTime him to tell him!

It’s moments like this that strengthen my resolve to keep raising my kids in a healthy lifestyle, no matter how many, “Aw, MOM!!!” comments they make when I decline their requests to buy soda or other crap. With all the unhealthy foods they get from other people (I don’t really restrict that), I feel like we have given them some balance and basic fundamentals, and I am totally okay with that!!❤️