Two Different Roads, One Journey: A Tale of Two Sisters

Two different roads, one common journey. This is me, on the left. My sister, Stephanie​ is on the right. We’re close. We adore each other. We PUSH each other! And, we embarked on the same journey a few years ago. We both wanted to get HEALTHY, break the chains on our bodies, and feel comfortable in our OWN SKIN!
So we each did a thing. I began with clean eating and workouts. She began with bariatric surgery. It makes sense, for each of us, that we chose a different way. We are such different people, each facing her own challenges. But at some point, we landed in the same place on our journey, having lost over 150 POUNDS of FAT, having regained control over our health and bodies, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, having CONQUERED OUR DOUBTS that we could even succeed at such a lofty goal!

🤜🏻Today, we wear the clothes that make us feel beautiful.
🤜🏻Today, we can keep up with our nieces, nephews (and sons)!
🤜🏻Today, we are freakin’ medicine-free!

I wrote this, not to blow my own horn, but to give all you MOMMAS and STRONG-ASS WOMEN, reading this, HOPE, to tell you that YOU ARE CAPABLE OF MAKING YOUR OWN POSITIVE CHANGES! Yes, I’m using many shouty capitals because I feel THAT strongly about it!
Regardless of how you feel today, or what choices you’re already living with, YOU STILL HAVE THE ABILITY to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE!!
Wanna start a conversation? Talk about how we did what we did? We’d LOVE to come alongside you and lead you to what you want for yourselves.
Comment below and we’ll chat! We’re here. And we want to help.
Xoxo, Jenn (and Steph)

Burn Your Barn Down

burn your barn down

Now that the barn is burnt down, I can see the moon.
-old zen saying

Reinvention is scary. Like, really scary. Like, panic attack, and losing sleep, and sucking-the-life-out-of-you scary. 

And you go through phases that are scary:

🔸PANIC (Oh my gosh, I have to do this? How am I ever going to do this thing?!?!)
🔸Self-doubt (I can’t do this thing! I’m too old! I don’t know enough!)
🔸Mourning (Oh, I wish I could go back to before, when all was blissful. I wish things didn’t have to change. I’m going to be so sad to…)

I have recently gone through the reinvention process and I’ll have to admit that the phases I just mentioned, have at times, paralyzed me. I have literally allowed all of them to prevent me from growth! And worse, I have actually let the voices of doubt, panic and mourning BECOME LOUDER than God!

Well, no more. Did you hear me? NO MORE!

I’m not claiming that I will make perfect choices going forward, but I will not allow my fear to paralyze me any longer!

What part of your life, or goal, or task is being affected by this same kind of paralysis? 

▪️Maybe it’s time to bring it into the light.
▪️Maybe it’s time to say it out loud so it can’t be taken back.
▪️Maybe it’s time to BURN THAT F-ING BARN DOWN so that you can DANCE IN THE ASHES, in the moonlight!

Name your barn, guys.

Then burn it down.

I want to hear from you guys today. Tell me about your barn. 

XOXO, Jenn

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