Burn Your Barn Down

burn your barn down

Now that the barn is burnt down, I can see the moon.
-old zen saying

Reinvention is scary. Like, really scary. Like, panic attack, and losing sleep, and sucking-the-life-out-of-you scary. 

And you go through phases that are scary:

🔸PANIC (Oh my gosh, I have to do this? How am I ever going to do this thing?!?!)
🔸Self-doubt (I can’t do this thing! I’m too old! I don’t know enough!)
🔸Mourning (Oh, I wish I could go back to before, when all was blissful. I wish things didn’t have to change. I’m going to be so sad to…)

I have recently gone through the reinvention process and I’ll have to admit that the phases I just mentioned, have at times, paralyzed me. I have literally allowed all of them to prevent me from growth! And worse, I have actually let the voices of doubt, panic and mourning BECOME LOUDER than God!

Well, no more. Did you hear me? NO MORE!

I’m not claiming that I will make perfect choices going forward, but I will not allow my fear to paralyze me any longer!

What part of your life, or goal, or task is being affected by this same kind of paralysis? 

▪️Maybe it’s time to bring it into the light.
▪️Maybe it’s time to say it out loud so it can’t be taken back.
▪️Maybe it’s time to BURN THAT F-ING BARN DOWN so that you can DANCE IN THE ASHES, in the moonlight!

Name your barn, guys.

Then burn it down.

I want to hear from you guys today. Tell me about your barn. 

XOXO, Jenn

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