Meet Jenn

jennifer sudama flexing it on friday

Once upon a time, there was a girl who read. ALOT. She grew up, became a mom and a wife and gained some wisdom. And then she talked about herself in the THIRD PERSON, and it was WEIRD.

I have to say, as a total introvert, that this part of my site is the WEIRDEST, MOST UNCOMFORTABLE part to write. Writing about me is super awkward, but I’ve learned to do it, in small snippets, in posts, since the invention of all this social media stuff. When I was in high school, only the nerdy girls worked on the Literary Magazine, and I was DEFINITELY one of those. So now, I guess being a nerd is a good thing?

Anyway, I digress.

I became a wife and mother before the age of 21, went through some things, and I hope I’ve collected some wisdom over the years as my Prize. I am ridiculously, madly, in love with my forever husband (not the starter one) and we have raised FOUR wonderful, crazy, talented and hilarious sons together.

Throughout all the stages of motherhood, marriage, and career, I remained a nerdy, devourer of books, often using them as my journey to adventures. At some point, perhaps in my 39th year, I realized that I was reading and watching the works of others, far more than I was LIVING my own life and dreams. I was also overweight, sick, and more than a little unhappy. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my family, but something was missing.

So I endeavored to make some changes, starting with weight loss, and BOY WAS I IN FOR A RIDE! That journey took me on a whirlwind I’ve been on ever since, where I rediscovered myself, learned a TON, and discovered a passion for helping others that has consumed me in ways I never thought possible.

If you follow me, you’re in for a ride. If you read, I might make you re-think some things. At the very least, I may entertain you. In the end, I just hope I help you.

XOXO, Jenn