jenn tarun sudama post workout

As her husband, it seems obvious that I would be Jenn’s biggest fan and strongest supporter of HER coaching and transformation. However what would not be obvious is that I probably was the MOST resistant of actually having to make any real consistent change to my life when she wanted me to start a regimen of my own. Jenn would receive the brunt of my disdain for change and yet it never derailed her from getting me to reach my own goal of weight loss and increased strength and endurance.
I reached my goal this past Sunday during my reserve duty fitness testing. Last year I weighed in at 179 and had a 38 inch waist. This year I was surprised to find I weighed in at 160 with a 32 inch waist!
Let me just say if you trust her and choose to be accountable to yourself you will not be disappointed. You will see similar or even better results!!!! I’m rooting for all of you who really want to change!!!!!!!!

Tarun Sudama